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Sleeping Bags & Tents

 Blankets & Tarps, Bed Rolls, Fold Up Cots

Men's & Women's Clothing, In good Shape for re-use

Personal Hygiene Items such as Bar Soap, Small Toothpaste & Tooth Brush, Deorderant, Shampoo, Skin Lotion

Bottles of Water, Gator Aid, Flavered Water, Soda
Packaged Bread, Danish, Donuts, Rolls, FRESH
Lumber, Building Materials, Clothing Racks
Baby Toys and Baby Items, Diapers, Clothing, Strollers

Christian Crusaders Motorcycle-Ministry is a Federally Registered 501C3 Non-Profit Organization, and all contributions and donations are fully tax deductible. All donations, proceeds and monetary donations go directly to the individuals and families we serve, none of the donations or proceeds are used by the Organization. Christian Crusaders Motorcycle Ministry, (CCMM), will provide a letter of donation as a receipt which includes the donated item(s), their retail value for taxable deductions, or the full monetary value of your donation!

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The Crusader Mission:

The Christian Crusader Motorcycle Mission:


To Feed, Cloth, Educate, Shelter, Rehabilitate and Educate the Homeless, Disabled/Disadvantaged Veterans, The Elderly, Drug Addicted, and Low Income Individuals and Families. We currently service our target audiences at Hunt Park, La Sierra Park, Conora Central Park and Arlington Park in Riverside County, California, DAILY. We provide Shelter, Rehabilitation and Education in our Homeless and Rehabilitation Center in Chino, California.


Our secondary Mission is to become known and involved with other motorcycle clubs, giving us an opportunity to spread the Word of God to other motorcycles riders and clubs. We do this by attending other motorcycle clubs' events and rides, establish relationships with these folks, and, when opportunity arises, minister and pray with them. 



Our Next Mission:


We are gathering resources to open another Program and Center in Riverside, California. We desperately need monetary donations, building materials, bunk bed frames and beds, plumbing fixtures and items such as sinks and showers, flooring, furniture such as dressers, night stands, tables, chairs, and other assorted items necessary to provide shelter for our homeless and destitute! This Program will include Drug and Alcohol Treatment, Counseling and Support, in house Education and Job Training, Spiritual Encouragement, and Support!


 Future Mission:


Open Christian Crusaders Programs and Shelters in Orange County, California, Los Angeles County, California and San Bernardino County, California. 

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To Donate any need items, to volunteer time, or to make a much needed monetary donation, please contact: 

Ron Austin, Big Jim or Jesse Aragon at


or call our toll free telephone number:

(877) 860-8860