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The Crusaders have had the honor of supporting Bread & Water Ministries, Pastor John and Jennifer, for the past year. We feed, clothe, provide personal hygiene items, and provide the Word of the Lord to the Homeless, alcoholics, drug ravaged, disadvantaged veterans and the low income individuals and families at La Sierra Park in Riverside County every Wednesday, at 6:00 in the evening. We also provide sandwiches, water, chips and more several times a week at this park. Pictured here is Jesse Aragon providing that support through prayer for one of our down trodden brothers. Jesse is an officer in the Christian Crusaders, and he and his wife, Juanita, are great supporters of our homeless mission!
This is feeding the Homeless at Hunt Park. Pastor Rudy and Juanita run this Ministry, every Sunday at 5:00. Pastor Rudy is a great man of God, and always delivers an emotional, heart felt sermon. Hunt Park is across the street from Parkview Hospital in Riverside, CA. Pictured in the background in Pastor Jim Ward, (Big Jim). Big Jim is a great man of God, feeding the Homeless at Fairmont Park in Riverside, CA.for over 10 years running.
The Fairmont Park Mission is run by Pastor Jim Ward of Manna Ministries. The Mission is, 4;00, every Thursday, and goes until about 6:00, depending on how many people show up to feed and minister. Big Jim fills the park with love and the Lords' Word. If you require any information about any of our Ministries, please call us at (877) 860-8860.
God Bless! 


Slam & Joe - Joe WAS a 35 year alcoholic who was constantly under the influence every time we attended the La Sierra Ministry. Pastor John and Jennifer often pray with Joe, as I did many times. Several months ago, Joe's doctor told him he has sever liver damage, but Joe kept drinking. Finally, Pastor Rudy and Juanita prayed with Joe, took him into their home to mentor him, and Joe accepted the Lord, and stopped drinking AND smoking

Joe is 10 days sober in this picture, and on fire for the Lord! 


RonSpike2.jpgThrough our COC Meetings and attending other motorcycles club events, rallys and rides, I have had the privledge to meet and become friends with many other motorcycle people. Here, I am pictured with Spike, the Hessian's President at the Hessian Octoberfest Event in Westminister, CA. Spike has been a friend and supporter of the Christian Crusaders from the moment we met. Spike has made our acceptance into the COC much smoother, and we greatly appreciate his support!


The Crusaders also owe special thanks to: OldSchool of the Final Options MC, Sam of the Soldiers for Jesus, Wretch of the Black Sheep, Zap of the Devils Deciples MC, Tombstone of the Vagos MC, Butch & Jason of the Hells Angles MC, Kidd of the Bill W Sober Pack MC,  Mark of the Messengers of Recovery MC, Cruz of the POBOB MC, and Pastor Tom of the Bikers for Christ MM.




This is Slam and a few Brothers enjoying the Midnight Riders 20th Anniversary Event in Azusa, CA. The event was a huge success, with many motorcycle clubs and motorcycle ministries attending. I attended with the Bikers for Christ Crew, of which Pastor Tom Longbrake is the President, and my personal mentor. Pastor Tom has been great to us, and I think the world of him and his crew. 


Pastor Tom is the Pastor of Rushing Wind Church, 15022 Mulberry Drive in Whittier, CA. Many bikers from several different clubs attend, and Pastor Tom always has a great sermon, straight from the Word! We attend as our resident church, and the worship team is excellent!


The event was held at the Azusa Eagles FOE 2801, and featured a great rock band, and many vendor booths featuring great motorcycle items, clothing and jewelry. I counted 25 different clubs while we were there, including Vietnam Vets, Marine MC, Mongols, and many more.We had a great time, then rode to Lake Elsinore, CA., to the Grand Fathers MC event to honor their downed and departed brother.

The Grand Fathers event had a great rock band, and a great food spread. I was stuffed all day! Councilor and Sam have become great friends, we really felt their pain for their lost brother. Many other clubs attended the Grand Fathers MC memorial bash, and I had the privilege of ministering to several "hard core" bikers while I was there. Great Time!